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Berlin Designer Interview 2: Sebastian Waters


Sebastian Waters is a seasoned UX designer / Information Architect and co-founder of the digital design agency Supernovæ. He is also a co-editor of Design Made In Germany.

Sebastian’s office is located at the intersection of Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte, two of the most popular neighborhoods in Berlin. These neighborhoods were part of East Berlin before the Wall came down. They have been gentrified rapidly in recent years. We had lunch at a modern Japanese restaurant DuDu, which was highly recommended by Sebastian. “This is my typical lunch spot, it is close and in-between my apartment and my office,” says Sebastian.

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Berlin Designer Interview 1: Nadine Rossa


Nadine Roßa is the chief editor of Design Made In Germany, co-founder of LAUNCH/CO, lead designer of Plan.io and a new mother.

I met Nadine at LAUNCH/CO co-working space. The space is a typical german bauhaus-style courtyard office complex in Friedrichshain district in Berlin. The district is quickly becoming a hotbed for startups and tech companies. Nadine has been on her maternity leave, but she made a special trip back to the office to chat with me.

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Photoshop is Just the Beginning


After years of favoring pragmatic, banal solutions over more avant garde ones, the tech industry has started to hold design as a preeminent focus. Smartphones have redefined mobility design, and HTML5 and CSS3 have enabled designers to get increasingly more creative with web design. Quality designers are in demand more than ever. As employment opportunities and salaries increase, designers are coming from a range disciplines are trying their hand at User Experience design. Additionally, as a younger generation has increasing power in the workplace, they bring new skills to rethink the clunky products of past decades.

Some key questions emerge with the UX design hype. What does it require to become a good user experience designer? Is knowing how to compose sexy graphics in Photoshop enough to design a product? Is having technical background essential for UX designers? What is the importance of collaboration and iterative design?

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